Sunday, December 2, 2012

Easiest Diaper Cake Ever!

Now that I have made two diaper cakes I have learned a few things. Make it simple. Here is what I did...

1 - Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers - Size 2 (Box of ??)
1 - Large Ribbon - Walmart
1 - Small Ribbon - Walmart
1 - Serving Tray - The Dollar Tree
4 - Gift Filler Bags - The Dollar Tree
1 - Stuffed Animal (I chose - Walmart

1. Roll up the diapers and wrap them with a small elastic band to keep their form. Put all back in the box they came in for now.

2. Use the serving tray as a guide to cut the ribbon. I wanted it to be smaller so the stuffing would show. Once I got the desired sized I hot glued it together.

3. Take three or four diapers and wrap an elastic band around them. Place inside the ribbon circle. Keep doing until the circle it full. Ad more single diapers in until totally full and round.

4. Repeat for the next layer - make ribbon circle a little smaller.

5. Construct. Put gift filler covering the serving tray. Add bottom layer of cake. Put gift filler covering the bottom cake layer. Add top layer of cake. Put gift filler covering the top cake layer. Add the stuffed animal on top.

6. Add bows to the top layer of the cake and to the stuffed animal.

The only thing I wish I had done in hindsight is pin the layers together to make the cake more stable. Maybe the next one....

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