Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Change in Perspective - Relationship Ruts

Yesterday I was reminded how people can make an indelible mark on your life no matter how long they have been in it. When I first met my coworker "s" six months ago I was astounded by how self-aware she was at such a young age. It can take some people many years to get to where she is on an awareness level. A week ago we were on a break talking about relationships... I mentioned how I felt mine was in an rut. We were doing well though not really moving forward. She suggested I watch the movie "Fireproof" then read the book "The Love Dare." I am not a religious person but I opened my mind on a spiritual level and took the message to heart. In relationships we sometimes think the other person is to blame for the relationship not progressing the way we want. If we take a step back to look at our own actions we just might see we are the one holding ourselves back. With work we can have the relationship we want as long as we truly love the person and they truly love you back.

Now "s" has moved on to another job—I am wiser because of her.

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